I’m glad you’re bringing this up because I’m a leftie and have long been considering saving up for a cintiq.

Bigger cintiq works better… Cintiq 21 was fine… I have a cintiq 24 now, I don’t like it at all but I have to deal with it I guess…

I don’t have a cintiq companion, but a 13hd. Tried it, but didn’t encounter the same problem. Have you tried updating your driver? or posting on the wacom forums perhaps? D: Sorry it’s not much help.

It depends which software you are using ?? I notice that it will be in the center with MAngastudio 5 is you set the cursor to “brush size” but it change the calibration of pen. I still have this problem with photoshop, but you have to look very close as photoshop set de cursor to brush size you’ll see that le stroke is lightly off to the left. Or maybe that’s just my Cintiq…

My problem with the Cintiq companion turn for left-handed side. And I guess it does the same problem with intuos 4 and upper version.

The line is off the cursor when the cintiq is set to left-handed side. And the line is in the center of the cursor for the right-handed side.

If there anyone with a cintiq companion could you make the test too ??
sorry for my english…
well the only other option I have is to punch your tablet a few times and show him who’s boss…

Or I can show my high french skill for complaining to Wacom ! :)

oh god me too w/ the diagonal part. I thought it was because of how i have to keep my monitors since i have two… but mann even when im facing the art one dead on, i have to keep my tabby at an angle @_@

hehe well it’s easier to make verticale and horizontal that way… As the arm move naturally in diagonal when you are not facing the paper ^^….

I turn the tablet untils I get good vertical and horizontal :)

I work with the intuos 4 myself, it’s a bit wonky when it’s on left-handed mode. But I’ve noticed (for me at least) that it works way better when I place the tablet a bit diagonal.

Yes I’m working that way too ! And still way much more better on right handed mode with the tablet in diagonal :D.

i use intuos 4 and cintiq left handed, both work fine for me :o.

For a normal cintiq (22 and 24) there is no problem.
Try to make (little ) perfect circles on right handed mode and then in left handed mode with the intuos 4, you might see a difference, some people already told me they notice something different.

I’m left handed and put the orientation as express keys right. You can turn on and off the force proportions if you need…

Yes, I did all that and that’s the problem, the express keys are set on the right the coordination is different compare to express keys set to the left. And I feel more accurate when express key are on the left !


Anonymous asked:

Have you tried switching the tablet to left handed mode and then re-calibrating the screen?


I tried everything with the cintiq companion. It works only on right handed mode, but calibration is really bad and I have to calibrate with random until I got something correct for the right handed mode…
Ok the brush/line is juste 0.1mm off the cursor but it does matter to me as I like thing to be accurate :).

I have an intuos4 turned to the left handed mode and it works just fine for me, honestly. But I haven’t tried the right, so I’m not sure!

Can you try and tell me if you feel something different, plz ?

To all left handed people who use intuos 4 and upper version do you have problem of coordination ? I notice that the coordination is much more better when you switch to right handed mode. And I have the same problem with the cintiq companion the drawing line is off the cursor for the left handed side…
I’m I the only one that have thoses problems??

sorry for my english…

end of livestream’s test.

Live test again =)


im-a-vampire-hiss asked:

I love your art! It's spectacular! I saw it on my dash and had to follow you so I'm new to your blog. If you don't mind me asking, for how long have you been doing art? Also how long ago did you get into digital art?


I’ve been drawing since 14 I think. I get into digital art really fast , I started when I was 16.

WIP - sorry for the livestream with messy process ! I’ll do better next time :).