WOAH you work in manga studio?? Aaaa how did I miss this! Btw have you seen the color-history tab in the latest update? :D

I downloaded it on windows and I really don’t like the new way of creating a”new document”… But I have to say that the color-history is handy I was thinking about a new color technic with it.

But for the moment I will stay with 5.0.4 version on the mac. :)

a little WIP, some of you guys wanted to know a little bit more about my process. Nothing sexy for the moment.

So here the “first” step:

I separate elements on layers. At this stage, the most important is to block shape with just flat colors.

Each elements has a different and unique color. The most hard is trying to get the right mood just with it.

Once this step done, I won’t have to think about shape and mood anymore. And then focus on rendering and testing fancy colors :D.

(But most of the time, I lost patience and deal with everything at the same time, it’s very messy ahahah.)

EDIT: here another post about the color wheel: http://nesskain.tumblr.com/post/84907793945/hey-first-off-love-your-work-and-style-and-just

Still testing my line flow…
I’m torn between restarting over or not, I know color will make it more readeable.

I used to be more flowy and readeable with the same amount of lines without thinking about how to compose thing…

Aaaaah I want to go back in time.

Something a little bit rough.

Birthday gift for my best friend :) .

run my little poney !

you always draw !

good night

littlewitchcurry a réagi à votre photo “another quicky, time to get back to work. :)”

how quick is a quicky???

about 45min I think

another quicky, time to get back to work. :)

HOLY CRAP that is so fast. You are SO. FAST.

My dream was to be able to compete with the japaneses (all alone), so I practice and try to be very pragmatic, trying to find a way to speed up everything…
But I can’t build up a good story as “fast” as I’m drawing… So it’s almost useless. Damn those japaneses, they really are to another level that is impossible to reach.


yourstorm asked:

The Silence in my Blood picture of the woman is so beautiful. I wish I had money to buy it. Why are you deleting everything?


I’m removing the prints because those illustrations were not meant to be print at first, they are just some personnal drawing, I really didn’t want to make money from it. It’s like loosing the soul of what I was trying to paint/draw, and it’s a little bit heart breaking.

But I needed a little bit of money, so I can’t really complain :).

It’s not a big deal but I prefer to take them off.

If I have time I’ll do several series of illustrationt for print purpose.


Anonymous asked:

how many comic pages you draw per day? or year? 8D


hmmm right now I can’t really tell… I’m having too much problems with my cintiq (24HD), it’s like everything I do is in slow motion and all the characters I draw are strangely compress (big ugly eyes, big mouse, small nose)… I’m trying to deal with it for 1year now…

but I manage somehow to resolve the problem, finally… So much waste of time ( I hope at least)…

I remember when I was drawing comics without any hardware problems I could draw an average of 4 pages a day (without colors or shading of gray). But I know that I could go with 8 if I’m not writting the story.

All I have to do is get back to work and doing it seriously.